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Best money transfer to Netherland • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer to Netherland • Cost, duration, comparisonSending money to the Netherlands is easy, simple and can be cheap.

You have two possibilities, use a bank or a company that allows you to make these types of transactions.

Therefore, it is important to take into account various factors that are going to adapt to your personal needs at all times so that both commissions if a bank is used, such as fees, if what is used is a company of this type is as cheap as possible

Of all this, we will talk in the next sections of this article.

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How can I send money to Netherland?


As I mentioned in the previous section, there are two methods to send money to the Netherlands, use a bank or a transfer company, but for both possibilities, we must follow some concrete steps, they are the following:

  • Create an account: you can do it online or in person, as you can best adapt. You must have on hand your personal data, your identification number belonging to your country of origin and your bank account details.
  • Transaction details: you must know the amount you are going to send and the currency of the country that will receive it.
  • Receiver details: you have to put all the personal data of the receiver, along with your personal identification, so that you can collect the money without problems.
  • Pay the transaction: so that the shipment is finished doing the right way, you have to pay some fees or commissions. You will have a receipt that on many occasions you will have to pass to the receiver so that there is no confusion.


The bank is one of the possibilities to send money abroad.

The bank in question has to offer certain services related to this. But for this we are going to stop at the type of transfernecia, which will be vital to see how much the shipping itself will cost.

First, it must be taken into account if there is any type of financial agreement between the two countries in question. If this happens, the transfer will be treated as a national transfer, so you will have hardly any commissions or any.

But if not, the transfer will be international and in this case, the commissions to be paid are quite expensive, so it can be more expensive than the value of the money to send.

Money transfer provider

The second possibility is to use companies that are specialized in this type of services, they are the transfer companies.

There are many companies and that is why we have to make a comparison according to the personal needs of each one.

For this, we must take into account some factors, are the following:

  • Exchange rates: it is important because if the exchange rate is high, the money that reaches the recipient is lower. Therefore, you should look for the lowest exchange rates.
  • Fees: companies will charge you a fee for making the transaction. This can make a small transfer expensive.
  • Transfer methods: there are several methods that can be online through the website itself, through the app with your mobile phone or in person at any authorized headquarters or location of the company in your city.
  • Transfer time: the specific process will take depending on each company, how the transfer itself is made or the method of collection, a parameter we will talk about next. The time usually goes between minutes and days.
  • Limits: there are many companies that have both minimum and maximum limits, so if you want to make a transfer that is too small or too large, it will not compensate you.
  • Collection method: There are several collection methods. It can be in cash, at home or through a bank account.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Netherland

Payment rates vary between companies and within them between the transfer time you choose, along with the collection method that is also at your mercy.

For example, if we send 100 dollars from the United States to the Netherlands, the cost varies if the time goes from minutes to days, or if the delivery is going to be made in cash or through a transfer to a bank account.

Therefore, in general, the cost will vary between a maximum of approximately dollars and a minimum of dollars.

Duration of a money transfer to Netherland

The time it takes for a transfer to take effect will depend on the payment rate you agree, along with the collection method you choose.

So if we continue with the previous example, if we send the 100 dollars from the United States to the Netherlands, the transfer time will take between minutes and 5 days, along with the time it takes for the bank to make it effective within the Bank account of the recipient himself.

Conclusion on the money transfer to Netherland comparison

Therefore, sending money to the Netherlands is easy and simple.

You have two possibilities that are the bank and the company specialized in that type of services.

If you use a bank that offers you this type of services you must take into account whether the transfer treatment is going to be national or international, since this will have a very significant influence on the commissions that you are going to have to pay or not .

If you use a transfer company, you should keep in mind that there are many and that you should make a comparison with certain factors in which it is going to adapt to the needs of both the sending and receiving person.

So, to send the money you must have an account, give all the details of the transaction such as the amount or currency of the country that will receive it, the details of the recipient and the final payment of the transfer, so it will be done correctly.

Therefore, the payment rates and the transfer time will depend on the requirements we have to make the shipment itself, we already know that the shipment itself can be made effective in minutes or days and that the rates to be paid are between 2 and 9 dollars approximately.