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Send Money to China from United States (USA)

Send Money to China from United States (USA)When you need to send someone funds for an emergency or daily expenses, there are now ways to do it even if you are miles apart. Our advanced technology makes this possible nowadays and has been making sending money for decades now an easy feat.

Wherever you are in the world, and you need to have money sent to your family, there are now options to do so.

So, here are the options for sending money to China from the United States (USA).

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Duration: Send Money from the United States (USA) to China

The length of time before you get your money from money transfer can take 2 to 5 days, while other transfers such as bank transfer may take longer.

Sending money to China may take time because they are making sure that there is no money laundering involved. Also, there is a limit to the amount that you can only send.

The recipient must also have all the required proof before they can have access to the money sent to them.


If you are to send money via online transfer, the fees can range from a dollar and fifty-five to a more exorbitant fee of a flat, ten dollars, or more. There are those where the fees will depend on how much you need to send.

The best way to go around this sending fee is by checking all your options and where you will be able to pay the least.

Although there are other options by which you can send money from the United States (USA) to China, where we will discuss on how to send money via bank transfer and money transfer.

Transfer money from the United States to China with the bank

If you have a bank account that is connected with another bank from China, this is a way to send money. You only need to transfer funds to the said recipient, and your beneficiary will get the money either by using their bank account by withdrawing over the counter or via an ATM.

Good thing there are banks without fund transfer fee while other charges just minimal fee. There are banks with a branch in the US, and they also have one in China. This is the easiest way to have your money to reach the recipient.

And if they have a bank account with the same bank you used to send the money; the bank is lenient as the identity of the recipient is easily checked.

Your recipient can also receive the money via their app where they can cash out from any bank as long as they have the money reference/transaction number with them.

Send money to China with a money transfer provider

Using a money transfer to send money to China is another available option, as many money transfers around the world are easily accessible. As long as the receiver has a government ID with them to identify them as the legitimate receiver plus they also have the transaction number with them.

A good deal of money transfer companies has their branches not just in America, Europe, and Asia, so there is no problem with getting the money sent.

The recipient can also have an option if they want to pick up the money from the bank, remittance center, or money transfer company, or even have it delivered to their doorstep.

It is also safe as the money reaches the recipient all the time unless there is fresh information presented by the recipient, e.g. Different names on the ID from the name of the supposed recipient of the money transferred.

The option to have the money delivered to your doorstep is also possible as long as you also have the government ID that you can present to the money courier. This is another option if the money transferred is quite a lot, and you don’t want to travel to get the money for security reasons.


Although it is also possible to send your money to China in person, this is a lot of inconvenience cause you will double the spending by doing so.

This is the reason money transfer companies are increasing yearly and banks that carry out money transfer are growing because they want to have the services conveniently accessible, that instead of sending money personally, they are here to serve as many people as they can.

Also, money transfer companies are making their services as affordable as possible to make things simpler for many people.

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