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Best money transfer to Bolivia • Cost, duration, comparison

Best money transfer service to BoliviaMoney transfer is always a challenge. What is more challenging is money remittance to someone from a different country. We cross boundaries and after money has left our country, all that’s left for us to do is trust whomever we choose to facilitate the money transfer for us and hope that they can quickly remit the money with minimal effort on our end.

The first challenge we think of is the security factor – does this provider have all the security measures in place to safely transfer my money to my intended recipient in another country? This especially goes for a country such as Bolivia.

The next concern would be the exchange rate. Am I getting the best exchange rate in the market? How much am I saving by choosing a certain provider? How soon is my recipient able to receive the money I sent? Is it going to be an easy process for me or will I have a headache every time I need to transfer money to someone in another country- say, Bolivia?

Comparison: Best Transfer Money to Bolivia




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  • Wise is a very good provider for overseas transfers. The transfers are easy, convenient and secure. The most important thing is that the transfers are also much cheaper than with the bank.

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  • Save up to 90% compared to banks. No hidden costs. Large selection of countries.



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  • A world-class customer service, very good exchange rates and permanently favorable transfers abroad and to Germany convince. Only downside is the small selection of countries.
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We would of course choose that provider that gives not only low rates but as well as that which is secure and guaranteed fast. Sending money through foreign bank transfer is made so much easier and cheaper with us. Get the lowest rates with us when you send money to someone in Bolivia.

Every money transfer transaction with us is treated as an easy process – set-up your account with us as your provider, send the money to us, get the best deals when it comes to exchange rates, and we guarantee that receiving money by your recipient is just as easy as it was for you to send out the money. Our rates are more than 8x cheaper compared to when you use a regular bank for exchanges, then we facilitate the money transfer so that your recipient will get the remittance.

We are able to do this because we have had years of experience in the money transfer business and we have helped transfer millions from people who received the best money transfer rates.

How can i send money to Bolivia?

When it comes to transaction ease in sending money to someone in Bolivia, we are your best choice. When you choose to get our services, you are getting the best deals of lowest exchange rates and the best service because we strive to efficiently carry out all our transactions.

Compared to banks, money transfer to Bolivia through us is much affordable. With banks, you have to go through a longer process both on your end and the actual movement of the money and transaction fees are more expensive because of the international exchange treatment. Unlike banks that set their own exchange rates, our system is based on local transfers even for international ones, that is why we are able to provide the cheaper alternative. This is what is called in the industry as mid-market rate.

We guarantee the exchange rate just as long as the sender transfers the money within the next 24 hours. If you have concerns about security, rest assured that we provide that layer of security for you as we are FCA-authorized (Financial Conduct Authority) and we have employed people who have been working in the industry for decades. We have policies and protocols in place so that our processes are guided accordingly to ensure that we keep the money you have entrusted to us safe.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Bolivia

Opening and setting up an account with us is free of charge. When you conduct money transfer to Bolivia, it will cost you about eight times cheaper compared to banks or other money transfer service providers. This is because we give the most competitive exchange rates in the market so you save more and transfer faster with us. Transfer fees are also so much cheaper, you barely feel it’s there.

Duration of money transfer to Bolivia

We like to do clean and fast transactions. After you have set-up an account with us, you can already establish an exchange rate for money you send to your recipient in Bolivia. You will need to give the complete details of your recipient. As soon as the money has been cleared, your recipient in Bolivia can immediately get the money as soon as the following day.

If you regularly transfer money to someone in Bolivia, we are your ideal partners. Aside from the technical benefits you will get, we also pride ourselves with the best customer service that we can provide our remittance customers.

Sending money is not the easiest chore and this is something we completely understand. We are dedicated to being that extra layer of convenience whenever you transfer money especially to someone from another country. That is why we make things so much easier, cheaper and faster for you to transfer money.