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Send Money to Ireland from Canada

Send Money to Ireland from CanadaWhenever you need to send money fast to your loved ones, to your friends, or employees, there are now options to choose from on how to do it.

You will enjoy finding out where you can save more, which company will send it faster, and what company or bank will do it in a less complicated way.

Best Send Money Service to Ireland from Canada




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Duration: Send Money from Canada to Ireland

The receiver of the money can now get their money in minutes cause some money transfer companies can make it happen even in real-time to have the recipient get the money, quickly.

Most banks can process the money transfer in 2 to 3 days, where some complicated transfer can process it in 5 days.

What you have to do is to find the company or money remittance center that will send your money without giving you stress and not asking for too much requirement at the same time, making it happen faster than other companies or banks.


There are money transfer companies that will offer low transfer fees, but will also give you a poor exchange rate, while others will give you high exchange rates and high transfer fees.

  • Fees are ranging from $2, and some can go up to $8 or more.
  • The amount of money you need to send will also affect the fees you have to pay.
  • Also, be aware of hidden charges before you go sending your money. Check online reviews as well before you decide.

When you send money from Canada to Ireland, you may opt to use the bank or the money remittance company. What you can do is to weigh your option and find out which would make you save more on your sending fees and which choice will get your money sent fast.

Send money from Canada to Ireland with the bank

Some banks can give you the best exchange rates and will also get your money there on time. See how much they are charging before you send your money and how much is their exchange rates.

You will also pay extra if you are paying via credit card and will make the fees higher.

Some banks will also be lenient on the amount that you can send, while others may have a cap on the maximum amount you can only send to the said country.

Transfer money to Ireland with a money transfer provider

The receiver may know the best option to take when sending money to Ireland. They may know of a remittance company that is trustworthy and will give you the convenience that you seek when sending money.

There are money transfer companies that have a high trustworthy rate because of how they handle each money sending process. They also charge less while making sure that the recipient will receive the money faster.

Some money transfer companies have been in the business for decades and have made a name for themselves, they also have several branches around the world. You may use these money transfer companies, but you may also need to check how much is their rates for money transfer, since they have been in the business for a long time, they may also charge a bit higher.

Here are the best ways to transfer money to other countries.

  • Via Credit Card
  • By Bank Transfer
  • Using your Debit Card
  • Via Money remittance companies

What they need for the recipient to get the money?

If they send the money via their bank, the recipient will only need their ATM card to withdraw the money, or they can do it over the counter.

If they send the money with a door-to-door scheme, the receiver only needs to present their identification card to show that they are really the recipient.

When the money is sent via a money remittance center, they may need to go to the money remittance center branch, have the transaction number code ready, plus their identification and other important info as required.


Several banks handle international transfers better than others, and they also charge you less. Make sure you are choosing the right bank. When your receiver also has the same bank in the said country, this will make the transfer of money easier, and faster. Some banks will charge 3 to 4% of the amount, being transferred while others will charge you 2 to 3%, which still saves you money.

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