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Send Money from Bulgaria to India

Send Money from Bulgaria to IndiaIt is now possible to buy a property in India if you are in Bulgaria cause sending money is now made easier and simpler. When you need to pay for supplies from India or perhaps you have a family there that you need to send money to, the options are endless cause of the proliferation of money remittance companies that can make it possible for you.Banks are the usual method in the past years, but with the appearance of different international money transfer companies, the transaction of sending money is now within reach.

Send Money to India from Bulgaria




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How long it would take to transfer money from Bulgaria to India?

The same-day transfer is most common, while there is an instant money transfer for some money transfer companies. Different payment methods may also cause some delays in the delivery time. The longest time will usually take 3-banking days, which is also considered fast nowadays.
The company that you used to send money will inform you of any delays and they will update you for any issues.


There is a small flat fee that some money transfer institution will charge, plus a percentage for the amount you will send your recipient. You will be informed upfront of how much you need to pay and how much your receiver will get on their end. Although some international money transfer companies have hidden charges, they now lessened this, and you will always have the right information about the charges you have to pay.
The cost will also depend on the swiftness of the money delivery cause the faster you want to send the money, this will also cost you a bit more.

Sending money to India with the Bank

There are banks in Bulgaria that will happily process sending money to India for you. You only need to know the exchange rate for each bank cause they also differ in the exchange rate and in their fees and charges for sending the money. If you have a bank account in Bulgaria, you can ask help from them if you can send money to India and how much they charge you to do so. Sometimes if you have a bank account, the rate differs compared to those who don’t have a bank account. If your receiver also has a bank account in India, you may also use the bank for a bank transfer, which you can do even when you are at home. They will charge you a small fee if it is a bank-to-bank transfer. But as we all know, banks don’t have the best exchange rate, and compared to international money transfer companies, they offer the lower rate among the two. There are also instances when the bank of the receiving country will charge a receiver’s fee so it will be deducted from the total amount that your receiver will get.

There are times when you need to ensure that the bank you will use doesn’t have such extra fees cause it is not worth paying more. And, you are not saving money from it. Pick the bank that will provide a better exchange rate, charge you lower fees, transfer your money at the fastest time, and there should be no receiver’s fee in the country of destination.

Transfer money from Bulgaria to India with a money transfer provider

There are international money remittance companies that can send your money faster than most. You should also know which company to use if you are particular about the time frame. If you are looking at saving money, there are also money remittance companies with a one-time flat fee for those who will send a particular amount. There are also limits to how much you can only send, but they have a higher limit compare to banks as well so you won’t have to worry much about this. If you are to send money frequently, you may use the one-time fee for a maximum amount so you can save money instead of sending it a few times a week.

Ensure that you have all the requirements needed when sending money as the requirement varies, it is the same with your receiver cause they will also be asked to present some identification to get their money. Some information you presented must be correct, or else your receiver will not get the money, or they will have a hard time claiming it to any office of the remittance company you used. Ensure that you have the correct name and the identification that your receiver will present will be the same. There is also a money transfer institution that charges more, so be sure that you are not using such companies.

However, if it can be credited to their bank account as some money transfer company can do this, your receiver can see the money reflected in their bank account without the need to go out and go to any branch of the money remittance company in India. It will also help to do some research online, and what reviews people have about a certain international money remittance company cause if they have a high trust rating, it means they are doing a great job. Pick one to use and which has the most satisfied customers. You can also utilize the comparison online, so you will know beforehand where you can save money and which company you will use to have a higher worth for your money.


Sending money from Bulgaria to India is not an impossible feat nowadays, and it is just like sending from other parts of the world. Money remittance company has their presence around the globe, just like popular banks do. The key is finding the company or bank that will be able to send your money the fastest time, the affordable way, and where your money will be worth more. It will not also take as much time for the money to arrive cause within 24-hours, the money can reach the receiver.

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