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Send Money from France to India

Send Money from France to IndiaIf you have a business in India and you are required to send money there and you are in France, you just need to choose a money transfer company you can rely on or a bank that will be able to send your money as fast. Sending money to India is now easier to do, more than it was decades ago. It is now secure, affordable, and will not require too much paperwork to make it happen. There are several money transfer companies and of course banks who are reliable and can send your money within days, hours, or even in minutes.

Send Money to India from France




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How long does it take to transfer money from France to India?

The longest time that your receiver will get their money is 2 to 3 days, there are other ways where they can have it in a day or two. There are also options where the money is received in their bank account in minutes. You should also check, whichever money transfer company you will use on how long it takes for the money to be transferred, and if they have sent money in real-time.


Transfer amount varies and ranges between 1.99 EUR to 20 EUR. There is also a money transfer company that offers a zero transfer fee for the first transfer for new clients, while some offer a 10% discount for the first transfer or two. Ensure that there are no hidden fees, so it will not surprise you when it’s time to pay the fees. It is wise to compare money transfer services with the exchange rates and transfer fees in real-time. There are tools that you can use online so you can find out how much you need to shell out when sending any amount of money.

Sending money to India with the bank

Sending money using any banks from France is possible, cause they will have their different offers with sending money out of the country. It will be easier if you have an account in the host country and your recipient to have the same bank account in the receiving country cause this will make it easier to get the money in their bank account. Receiving the money is also faster with a bank to bank transfers. There are banks in France that also have their branches in India, so picking the best bank is easier on your part. However, it is also best to know what makes these banks differ from one another, with the exchange rate and the fees they will charge for sending your money. Some banks may also have some hidden fees there that you should be aware of. Always be informed of the exchange rates and how much is it on a certain day, so you can gauge what is the best day to send your money.

You may also request for fast transfer if that is available in the bank or make sure that they can send it the fastest time in cases of emergency. It is also wise to deal with banks that give you certain discounts for regular clients or banks that can make sending money easier for you.

Transferring money from France to India with a money transfer provider

If you don’t have a bank account in France and you need to send money to India, that is also possible because there are money transfer companies who can make it possible for you. Some famous money transfer providers have been in the business and gained a lot of trust from their loyal followers because of their trustworthy service. However, as with some banks, you should also beware of added fees and hidden charges. Also, compare the exchange rates from different money transfer providers cause even though some providers are trustworthy and all but they do charge more at times.Some new players in the industry can also do the same job of sending your money to India fast, and they are also as reliable as some know money transfer companies. They have been in the industry for a few years and are making a name for themselves because of the affordable transfer fees and high exchange rates.

These money transfer providers also offer a same-day money transfer or even real-time. Your receiver will have their money fast, and if they also have their bank account where the money transfer provider can credit the money, this is also convenient on the part of the receiver since they don’t need to go to any branch of the money remittance company. Money transfer companies have made it possible to make money sending transactions online. This is such a benefit for those who are busy to go out and go to any office of the money transfer company. It makes it easier as well cause you can do it over the phone or on your computer. There is no need for you to travel and go to any branch you choose. Ensure that your receiver has their identification that may be required and the transfer number with them. This is important if they have to go to the branch of the remittance company. It will make it less of a worry, and they will get their money faster.


When you need to send money to India or even any part of the world, always compare the services of banks or a remittance company. This is for you to gauge which institution will give you your money’s worth. When a bank or a money transfer company has a higher exchange rate and low sending fees, this means you have more money to send to your recipient. It means you save more by picking the right company to trust. Banks are not the only trustworthy company to use when sending money because of the proliferation of money transfer institutions ready to help you send your money fast. You only need to compare and take time to also read reviews online, since the information is available. You can also use some tools in making the comparison easier.

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