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Send Money to Belgium from Malaysia

Send Money to Belgium from MalaysiaSending money from Malaysia to Belgium can now be a few clicks away. This is possible with online banking, by using online money transfer services, by using the bank and having money transfer processed inside the bank, or you can also do it in the confines of your home.

You may need to sign up if you want to send money online, and you can use different ways to pay the remittance.

You now have a lot of options, you just need to decide on which choice you want. It can make a difference with the time the recipient can receive the money in minutes, or it can take for as long as three banking days.

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Duration: Send Money from Malaysia to Belgium

The length of time that the receiver can receive the money can vary. Some recipient can have their money in minutes, while some need to wait for a few days to get their money.

One other thing that can make a difference is if the recipient does not have a bank account, so the receiver must pick up their money in any banks or any money remittance company.


Transfer fees can range from $3 and can take from 1 to 3 days, other amount is $10 and will require the same time to get processed, some charges $14.77 and can have the money arrive in Belgium in a day or two.

There are still other rates available from different money transfer companies, but you need to use your online research skills so you can get the most affordable one.

  • It is up to you how much you can save with a money transfer. Sometimes you may think that another way is much more affordable compared to the other.
  • Again, the vast information is at your fingertips cause there is the available information on the net if you like to compare first the different money transfer companies.
  • This way, you have more ideas, and if you don’t get it right the first time, you will be wiser the next.

Transfer money from Malaysia to Belgium with the bank

If you have an account in any banks from Malaysia, you can do money transfers online. This is easy to do cause you only need to log in to your online banking account, check the fees, conversion rates, and then how much you need to send, and you are good to go.

If you don’t want the stress of doing everything yourself, you can go to your bank branch personally and have the money transfer processed by the bank employees. This is also a better way if you want to get a clearer picture of how you can save or how much you need to spend to get a certain amount across to your recipient in Belgium.

If you don’t have an account in the bank, you can still do the money remittance with their help, it may just require you to pay more by doing so.

Some senders want to use the bank to send money cause they feel that this is safer, and some have a notion that this is faster.

Transfer money to Belgium with a money transfer provider

We are now at a time where we want everything done faster and with less effort. It is the same thinking with sending money to other countries.

Sending money to Belgium from Malaysia is easy cause there are available money transfer companies from the different corners of Malaysia.

There is even this money transfer company that has been in the business for so many decades, and they are still in the business of being efficient when it comes to money transfer. They also have competitive fees with money transfers, so the sender will have more money to send to their receiver.

Another available money transfer is just online, and if you have money in the online account, you can also send it in seconds without effort. You only need to check their conversion rate first cause the rate differs every day.
The receiver may also be charged a certain amount and will be taken from the money that the sender sent, so make sure that you let your receiver know what to expect.


It is also simple to send money from Malaysia to Belgium. Your receiver can get their money in seconds. They can even have it in their bank accounts ready for them to spend.

With the convenience comes the extra expenses, so the more convenient the money transfer is, expect that there is a corresponding charge for such.

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